The Flower People Tarot is a 100% non-binary, non-hierarchical tarot deck, currently in progress.

Flower People are playful genderqueer earth spirits who came to me in a dream-state and told me they wanted to be made into a tarot deck. I began this project deep in winter, amidst a family crisis and a few months into intensive treatment for Lyme Disease--aka what seemed like the complete wrong time to take on such a large scale project. But the Flower People were insistent and the drawings flew out of me. I finished the Major Arcana in less than a month and have since slowed down somewhat, working my way through the minors. But this project is filling me with so much joy, deepening my connection to tarot, to the spirits, and to myself. I hope to have the deck out in the world sometime in 2019! Follow along with my progress on instagram @cwaitwaitwait.