My approach to tarot is not about “reading the future”. I use tarot to work collaboratively with my clients to help better understand their present moment and the potential directions they may go in. I see tarot as an incredible tool for gaining perspective on one’s life by engaging with a symbolic visual landscape. Just as the symbolism unlocked in dreams can help bring new meaning to our waking life, so tarot can assist us in recognizing the patterns, themes, and lessons that shape our experience of the world. I am committed to demystifying tarot and empowering my clients to follow their own intuitions--I will never claim to know more about your life than you do. I encourage questions, corrections, feedback, and any other form of input!

I come to tarot as a non-binary anarchist. In reading tarot (and in creating my own deck and in everything else I do) I am guided by this orientation to the world. Traditional readings of tarot can often reinforce systems of hierarchy and gender and I strive to consciously undo these structures in the way I read, write about, and draw tarot cards.

A standard reading takes place either in person (if you live locally) or over Skype. A few days before the reading I will ask the querent to write down and share with me some intentions for the reading. These intentions can range from the general to the very specific. I find that the clearer the intentions are going into a reading, the clearer the reading will be! At the beginning of our appointment we will discuss these intentions and anything else that comes up and feels important to note before pulling cards. Depending on what sorts of themes/questions/intentions present themselves, I will decide on a particular layout for the reading. In the spirit of making sure tarot is as accessible as possible, I will explain every step of the way what I am doing and why I am doing it. I will also check in throughout the reading to see how things are resonating with you, if you have any questions, and/or if any particular symbol or theme jumps out at you that feels worth exploring deeper. Many people decide to take notes, photographs, or even record their readings for further study. At the end of the reading I may suggest certain rituals, writing exercises, reading material, etc. that feel relevant.

A Written Reading is a thorough written analysis of a tarot reading. Included will be a photograph of the reading along with a diagram of the layout used. I will go through each card, analyzing it within the context of the reading as a whole. At the end of the reading I may suggest certain rituals, writing exercises, reading material, etc. that feel relevant. I will then email a PDF of the reading to you!

If a Written Reading is purchased as an add-on to a Standard Reading, this document will serve as a review of the reading that you can return to again and again. With a Written Reading you don’t have to worry as much about taking notes during our appointment, which some people find distracting.

If the Written Reading is purchased on its own I will email you and ask you to send me your intentions for the reading. I sit with these intentions as I shuffle my cards and call in your guides to help aid in the reading. I then pull the cards and write the analysis from there. This is a good option for people who have busy schedules or live in a different time zone (I’m in EST) and may have a harder time booking an appointment. Some people also prefer being able to take in the reading on their own, rather than in direct conversation with another person. A Written Reading allows you to process the reading at your own pace.

A Custom Tarot Drawing can accompany either/both of the other offerings or stand alone. Accompanying a reading, the Custom Tarot Drawing will pull important symbols, patterns, and/or elements from your cards to create a completely original design that can used as a meditation tool, altarpiece, magic sigil, etc. If purchased on its own, I will again ask the client for any intentions, questions, or themes they are currently working with and will pull 3-5 cards with those intentions in mind. The design will follow from there. Original artworks will be mailed to the client within 2-3 weeks of purchasing.

For a very special and all encompassing tarot experience, the Complete Package includes a Standard Reading, Written Reading, and Custom Tarot Drawing! This is a particularly appropriate offering for a birthday or important transition!